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Different Color Scrunchies

At Leisel, You Will Find Custom Halter Tops, Different ColoUr Scrunchies and More

Leisel is a company that offers items that you literally will never find at a department store. Chances are no one else will be wearing the same type of shirt and people will notice the quality and artisan skill that makes your outfit so beautiful. The reason is that many of the items available on site are hand made, and unique. Check out the selection of custom halter tops that we have for you. These custom halter tops are great for summer days, where you feel like you want the softest fabric against your skin as you bare your shoulders to the sun to soak it all in. Leisel custom halter tops are 100% cotton or wool and made to order. If you want a unique piece hand made for you, you will find no greater quality than your options available on the site. 

If you want to accessorize a bit, make sure to check out our different color scrunchies for sale that are all handmade and unique. You will not find two scrunchies that are exactly alike because they are all made by artisans, not a machine. We use fine silk so it feels great on your skin and does not damage your hair.

Whether you are looking for a nice halter top or different color scrunchies for sale, when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe to sustainable materials made by hand and supporting a non-chain store, you can’t go wrong by shopping at Leisel.  

At Leisel, we also offer free crochet patterns. Make yourself a cross body shell bag, a flower basket or your own halter top. Our free crochet patterns are simple patterns for everyone to try. Create your own masterpiece and tell your own story with our free crochet patterns today.  

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