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Scrunchies For Sale

Check Out the Scrunchies for Sale at Leisel

If you are always on the hunt for more scrunchies to add to your collection check out the scrunchies for sale available at Leisel. What makes our scrunchies stand out? First, we use 100% silk that is sourced right here in Australia. This means they will feel luxurious on your wrist, and not damage your hair at all. Second, the beautiful designs are handmade and no two pieces are exactly alike. Third, we take measures to make sure the colors and materials will last by choosing the finest materials and steaming the product to seal in the design. You will love our hair ties because they really are the best scrunchies.

You have likely seen scrunchies for sale of various qualities at different markets and through online resources. Our scrunchies are considered the best scrunchies by locals and we hope you give them a try and order a set when you shop for a silk tote, a woven tote, a flower basket, sweater, or boho crop top crochet. Our scrunchies are fun and unique with color patterns inspired by silk painting and the most pleasing of color combinations. They make excellent stocking stuffers, birthday bag gifts, and go well with our other silk materials when it comes to their color and design. Collect a new set from each hand made collection we release to enjoy new works of art and beauty in such a simple and useful object. Whether you are looking for a new boho crop top crochet or scrunchies for sale, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product because each item is individually handmade and also checked for quality assurance before shipping.


For boho crop top crochet, scrunchies, tote bags and more, make sure to shop at Leisel. 

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