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Water Color


Leisel Vella is a Melbourne Fashion designer ​and Textile designer. She graduated from the Bachelor of Design (Fashion) (Honours) at RMIT University in 2017.

Leisel is a skilled creative with experience in Melbourne, Sydney and London across diverse areas of design, textiles, production and fashion events. 


Her work incorporates both fashion and art, with a strong focus on the handmade. Leisel’s practice draws from nature and the world around her, with a positive focus on connecting with her audience. 


Leisel's aesthetic is contemporary, romantic and playful with elements of nature running through. 


leisel was created from a new found love of silk painting after graduating. Followed by the later addition of crochet discovered in 2020. Always exploring new techniques and experimentation, each piece is a development on from this.


The stories and memories behind clothing has always been something special to leisel and this is evident in the work she creates.  


The brand aims to focus on the small, the special, the one of a kind. These pieces are to be kept for a lifetime.


All products are made from Australian sourced 100% silk, cotton or wool. The brand aims to minimise all fabric waste, utilising all the beautiful off-cuts in the creation of new pieces. 

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